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I made a conscious decision a while back to stop visiting and reading the Wizards of the Coast forums. It was really a pre-emptive move before my family physician tired to place me on blood pressure medication or I found myself randomly rage punching strangers in the throat. I don’t know what the tipping point was, it might have been when the 5th ongoing thread around Alignment pooped up on the “What’s a DM to Do” sub-forum with the ubiquitous arguments about how to punish those who don’t’ act their alignment to how 4th editions sucks because there is no real alignment system to force players to act appropriately to what alignment is Batman (FYI he’s Lawful Good). I have never been one to post a ton on the forums and if I do so it’s only to answer a question or offer requested help. I don’t like to argue, sorry I mean debate, with anyone unless there is the threat of potential physical violence to moderate people’s responses and civility. Instead I just started a blog to use as my personal bully pulpit so I can spew whatever inane, ill informed, half-cocked bull shit that comes into my juvenile mind.

In a similar vein I have been avoiding any participation with D&D Next whether that being the ongoing play test or the forum talk. The only exception has been that I read Mike Mearls’ weekly Legends and Lore column. It is just enough of a toe in the water that I can use as fodder for my inane, ill informed, and half-cocked rants. When I read the February 18th offering I audibly sighed and groaned at my desk, so much so that my office mates thought that something that actually mattered had occurred, like my wife was leaving me or someone had died. What irked me so was his statement that they were going back to the cleric as the default healer for the game on account it was the easiest solution to the divergent pleas emanating from the play test and a desire by the design team to keep the core rules of the game simple… and well gosh darn it people are just used to it being that way anyways…..well BLAH

I don’t know what irked me so much about this, other than I hated the default heal-bot approach of editions yore. It just seems so regressive or placating or defeatist, I don’t know. He then went on to point out that there can be lots of modular add-ons that can change the nature/amount of healing available in the game. Again my office mates looked over at my audible groan and sigh and I again had to sheepishly explain that yes this reaction was for nothing evenly remotely serious or important.

I am really starting to sour on this modularity thing that they seem to be using as a blanket answer to soothe any edition war hackles. I haven’t even seen what this vaunted modularity will look like but I already hate it with a white hot irrational anger. It smacks of cowardice, although maybe that’s a little harsh. I don’t want a million options or a need to cobble together levels of complexity to get a game that I want to play. I just want one set of rules that encompasses the whole game and if I like it I’ll play and if not I won’t. Trying to make everyone happy or maybe more accurately preventing them from being pissed off just seems like a recipe for a shit game. I don’t know what the answer is for them, but I guess this is the consequence of trying to continuously re-package and sell the same rules. Don’t get me wrong I am still going to buy the core rules cause really what else am I going to do with my money. I am just not looking forward to it.

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