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Hey long time no post, betcha thought I finally flamed out…well no such luck bitches. I thought I might share some of the prep for a very brief (hopefully a couple of sessions) game to test out the DC Adventures AKA Mutants and Masterminds rule set that I am going to run on Roll20, my online tabletop of choice. When you start a campaign up it automatically comes with a forum attached so you can have various postings. Most of this content I set up in the forum for the players to peruse.

The Sitch and Dramatis Personae:

The Flash, Central City’s Scarlett protector, has not been seen in some time. The result has been an increase in crime and lawlessness that is threatening the peace and tranquility of the city.  What happened to the Flash? Is he away on Justice League business? Are the Rogues responsible? Or is there some new threat? 

The Rogues: Captain Cold, Mirror Master, the Trickster, Captain Boomerang, Weather Master, Profosser Zoom, & Gorilla Grod. Who knows what each rogues motivation is, but you can bet you’re CGS rating it’s not in anyone’s interest but their own and woe to those who get in their way.

The Odessa Family: Russian organized crime family involved in protection, prostitution, drugs, and racketeering. If they aren’t involved in it they are looking to muscle in. Known by their telltale track suits and penchant for using the word “Bro” (directly ripped from Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye ongoing series, If you’re not reading it then you obviously hate life), they are led by Yuri Stolichnaya who rules with an iron fist and demands singular obedience to the family. Sergie Borscht is the Brigadier, Yuri’s second in command, he is loyal but ambitious. it is rumored that there are two spies in the family that  report directly to Yuri who watch for disloyalty,  making sure no one gets too powerful. The Odessa Family has been more open and aggressive since the Flash’s disappearance. The family typically hangs out in a large social club called The Kremlin located in the City Centre. Yuri Stolichnaya resides in a mansion located in the suburb of Petersburg.

Motivations center on acquiring power and influence while expanding family business. They are particularly ruthless but also very pragmatic. 

TheTaco Kings: Hispanic street gang working in prostitution and drugs trying to make more of name for itself within the city, although often waging a losing war with the Odessa Family. Led by Jesus Sanchez, a former taco truck owner turned criminal after the Flash busted him for the great rat meat scandal of 2005.

The Kings are chaotic and undisciplined; their motivation center on greed, earning respect, surviving the Odessa family and competing in street dance offs a la Breakdance 2-Electric Boogaloo. Their base of operations is located in the Windsor Heights by the docks

Jared Morillo and Fred Chyre: detectives in the Central City police force in the meta-human crimes division. They are pro-capes and had a good working relationship with the Flash

Who else is an important figure in Central City? Perhaps someone from your background or have had previous dealings with, idk you tell me. What are their goals and motivations?

Session Zero:

I have never run or played in a game using DC Adventures or Mutants and Masterminds, so my system mastery is low. The goal of this game is to test the system out and see what it is like and whether it is worth running games in. Also it will allow me to begin to make use of the thousands of dollars in rpg’s I have purchased over the past few years and have never used. All super-hero and comic book tropes are welcomed. This is not a grim dark or dystopian style game. I am looking to run for a few sessions in a LIM style setting with input and collaboration is welcomed and most likely required. Given my lack of system mastery you will need to understand how your powers and their effects work to aid in adjudication. In terms of Character creation you can either use one of the pre-gens from core rule book, or pick a hero or villain from any of the sources with a power level of 10, or make your own from scratch.

I have finally finished up running the 4e adventure Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane so I have more time to get things ready to go. This game got delayed due to the 4e game and now I feel like I need to refresh a little bit on the mechanics of DC Adventures. I t seems that these days it doesn’t take much of a time delay for my brain to perform a mental enema on any newly acquire information.

In parting, I have a question for those of you familiar with DC Adventures. I am struggling in ascertaining how to somewhat balance encounters and can’t seem to find any guidelines in the rule book so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Below is the campaign start screen on Roll20.


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